VIFIN is a knowledge and research centre at the Municipality of Vejle. We work to create, disseminate and mainstream good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national and international levels. The Municipality established the Resource Centre for Integration (VIFIN) in 2002 to create a resource centre that collects and processes knowledge on integration of ethnic minorities and also develops and implements integration projects and activities.
Within the field of integration, VIFIN’s core competence is development of digital material for learning Danish as a second language. Over the years, our competencies have expanded and today go beyond integration and language learning, and include smart learning and pedagogical innovation with digital tools in general. We also work with projects and activities on smart city, resilience and sustainability.
VIFIN sources its funding for projects and activities from the European Union, Danish ministries and from income-generating activities. We see ourselves as a combination of resource centre, project organisation and consultancy agency. In Vejle Municipality’s organisational structure, VIFIN is located under the Department for Education and Learning.
VIFIN is a part of the ARTEM project in order to strengthen and widen our work in the field of intercultural knowledge and competences. With the activities of the project we get a chance to work directly with both professionals/volunteers and migrants on the topic and implement a new methodology of digital story mapping, which we expect to be a useful and applicable tool for both target groups.
Through our long cooperation with both language schools, NGOs and other organisations working with integration we have a large network through which there is a great potential of using the tools and methods of the project. At VIFIN we are strong believers that people have individual competences and stories that have value and that can be resources for the person in their endeavours forward.