VEREIN Multikulturell

Verein Multikulturell is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1993. The organization’s main objectives are to promote professional, social and cultural inclusion of migrants and it aims to enhance intercultural dialogue and education.
The organization’s activities are organized in close collaboration with international and national partners, like e.g. the Tyrolean Government and other State institutions, Chamber of Commerce, job centers, schools and other providers of education, as well as different civil organizations and networks. Verein Multikulturell budgetary resources are provided by the regional government of Tyrol, Austrian government program as well as by European programs and funds (e.g. 2019 mainly Erasmus+, ESF, AMIF and CHAFEA).
For several years VM has been involved in a variety of projects (LLL, Daphne, Leornardo; Erasmus+ KA1, KA2, KA3; AMIF; ESF;). It has gained experience in designing and leading national and international projects and taking up the role of an active and motivated transnational project partner.
VM is accredited for EVS - European Voluntary Services and affiliated to following networks: Tirolean Initiative for Culture (IG Kultur Tirol), Austrian Initiative for Culture (IG Kultur Österreich), Social Network Tirol, Integrationsforum Tirol, ANAR – Austrian Network against Racism, European Multicultural Foundation.
Our institution has also volunteering programs for migrants. The innovative idea of “ARTEM” is for Verein Multikulturell very interesting. So we joined the consortium as we are planning to involve this method into our current programs too.