Replay Network

REPLAY Network is an association of trainers active at international level within almost all the EU programs dealing with non-formal education, learning through mobility and active citizenship. Our mission is to promote social cohesion, responsible participation, active citizenship, inclusion and equal opportunities, employability and active aging, cooperation and multiculturalism, contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy for the growth of a smart, sustainable and inclusive society.

REPLAY Network projects, organizes and develops different kind of training and educative activities addressed to trainers, youngsters and adults, organizations, etc., using non formal learning, active methodology and international mobility. The active methodology is based on learning by doing, experimenting situations or activities meant to encourage individual and group reflection, and the reflection of the individual in/within the group. In a process of human growth towards the increasing self-awareness, the active methodology allows the participants to learn about themselves.Replay Network promotes the learning process throughout any intercultural experience as fundamental for tackling self awareness, integration and the development of transversal skills needed to act in a globalized environment. REPLAY Network designs, organises and delivers international trainings and large scale international events for different institutions and National Agencies of Erasmus+ programme.

Replay Network pool of trainers has a specific experience on linguistic and intercultural training. Replay Network is active in the realization, production and dissemination of documents, research and survey on lifelong learning , mobility learning and non formal education , citizenship, culture , etc.

​Replay Network elaborates and sets up virtual spaces for learning throughout ITC tools and the e-learning methods. The issue of migrants inclusion is one of the major challenges of our times. The initiatives being taken answer mostly to primary needs of reception, accommodation, food, medical care, legal support, language integration. But the path to a real integration is still long and needs to be tackled in an integrated manner. In this context and keeping faith to its mission, REPLAY Network is committed to making links between the local and the international levels to foster an inclusive society and to building new learning approaches and strategies for making this possible.

Through ARTEM project, REPLAY Network may channel in a structured way the needs for concrete opportunities of encounter and exchange between the local community and the migrants, while fostering awareness of the intercultural dimension and of the learning experience, that involves the person in its totality. REPLAY Network cooperates at local level with NGOs engaged in hosting migrants and refugees as well with public bodies in the creation of “social hubs” composed by citizens engaged for integration of migrants and involving them also in educative activities and social interactions.