Asociación Mundus - Un mundo a tus pies, with headquarters in the city of Santa Coloma (Barcelona) is an association created by young people passionate about mobility and exchange, as well as cultural diversity and non-formal learning opportunities for young people.
​The Association began its journey with the goals of implementing projects which facilitate the contact between cultures and with the idea of promoting a more inclusive and egalitarian society. It aims to give opportunities to youngsters and Europeans to develop their competences, and learn through non-formal education. In the last few years, Mundus has also engaged in working to extent the learning opportunities that mobility programs offer to young migrants. In fact, Mundus Barcelona is based in Santa Coloma, a city which historically has grown due to the arrival of migrants from all over the world, building up a multicultural city that has learned to create a pacific cohabitation.
With a multidisciplinary team of passionate educators, Mundus facilitates and manages mobility projects in the fields of Non-Formal Education, Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education; besides that the organisation is also engaged in several strategic partnerships. That is why we have a global vision of the European Mobility programs, not only superficially but deeply in its possibilities, content and objectives. We believe we are a group motivated by our own experiences abroad that aim to draw attention to the world of opportunities that Europe offers us through our work.
Asociación Mundus is committed to make a difference in the community where we work by offering learning opportunities through international mobilities. In the last years, the composition of the communities where we work have changed and now we welcome people from many different nationalities into our city. Mundus understanding of the benefits of mobility is that when you travel and experience another culture, another language and another way of living, you open your mind. You grow as a person and are more ready to embrace the differences. It gives you a perspective that allows you to value diversity, interculturality, and give steps forward to approach the other.
As our communities get more diversified, our projects should reflect this richness too. ARTEM supports the acquisition of intercultural competences and aims to facilitate encounters to promote inclusion and mutual understanding. These are aims that are very close to the aims and values of Mundus.