The Accorderie is an association where people can exchange several services with one unique currency: the time. For example, I can ask help to paint my wall, and in exchange, I can cook some Portuguese meals for someone else. We are part of a French Organisation «Réseau des Accorderies de France ». Today we are 36 Accorderies in France, the concept comes from Quebec (Canada). The exchange system allows people to develop their skills and the empowerment of everyone. Moreover, thanks to this system, we fight (at our level) against financial and social precariousness.

Pau's Accorderie has been opened for 3 years, and we have 300 members. A majority of women (85%), single parents, and job seekers. Members can exchange everything except for services being a matter of health, their profession (because of the unfair competition) and services has to be limited in the short term. Members can exchange thanks to an application on the web with their profiles (my asks, my offers) They can link directly with all members.

Besides the exchanges, we propose friendly moments every week (breakfast, lunch, picnic...).

The Accorderie has led a project in 2018 for the reception of asylum seekers with a godfather/mother system. Asylum seekers are accompanied to use the system by an older member who knows how it works. So, we allow them to create a social network and they can be helped with the language for example, the exploration of the city ... The project has been successful, and we want to go further with this public. Because migrants are full of competences, sometimes they do not even know that and we want to help them to develop themselves.