CATRO Bulgaria is part of the leading Austrian consultancy group–CATRO Personalberatung and dieBerater®, providing cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development. Since 2010, CATRO has been supporting its clients in Bulgaria, recruiting new talents, developing employees’ potential, providing HR consultancy in areas as Leadership Development, Performance Management, Change Management, and Coaching.
A crucial part of our mission is to develop and implement corporate socially responsible projects through which we build a bridge between different socially disadvantaged groups and the corporate sector, opening a space for identifying opportunities for sustainable partnerships. We are proud of being recognized as one of the key partners of UNHCR Bulgaria (United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees) and another relevant stakeholders as NGO`s and public authorities due to our efforts in improving the opportunities for refugee employment and integration in Bulgarian companies.
Our CATRO team is part of ARTEM project, due to our commitment to supporting and fostering refugee integration in Bulgaria. We have experience mainly in providing assistance to companies in improving their intercultural skills and competences, in order to successfully cooperate with migrants and refugees. We have organized numerous workshops for employers and job fairs for refugees. However, we have realized that it will be more efficient in achieving our goals and mission if we are better familiar with the needs of both target groups - employers and refugees. ARTEM project is a great opportunity to fulfil this intention and make one step further.